Blind IQ

BlindIQ is available in either a Supplier or Reseller version and can manage, process and track customer quotes/orders/invoices, manage leads, customers and contacts, set pricing and cost per width/height for manufacture or retail of Blinds.

It is a single-license, multi-operator, Windows desktop application that connects with a MSSQL database back-end (Hosted either on-site or on our production server)

Fully supported and customisable from within South Africa.


  • Operator management with permissions.
  • Customer and Lead management.
  • Customer Relation (Interactions) logging.
  • Processing of quote, order and invoice with "stage" validation and business logic.
  • Auto and manual statuses on orders for easier tracking.
  • Sundries management.
  • Splits an order into separate Purchase Orders per supplier and exports and emails them to the supplier for import (Reseller Only)
  • Splits an order into separate Jobsheets per product type (with additional formula calculations) for factory and barcode labelling (Supplier Only)
  • Allows batching of Jobsheets to factory and "Current Batches" Gantt Chart (Supplier Only)
  • Rectification of orders with single-line cross-order reference.
  • Assigns and maintains Delivery Schedules
  • Manages Rep commissions (based on percentages of discount and total)
  • and much more...


It has a built-in Email/SMS communication interface (utilising an SMTP server or Outlook™, and the Clickatell™ gateway for SMS credit bundle purchases)

It also has a basic 3-article Newsletter system that attaches and emails a PDF file to a certain customer demographic.


It integrates seamlessly with any Supplier using the Supplier version of the BlindIQ system (currently Blind Designs only), allowing easy import of product ranges, colours, fixes, controls and Price Matrices via drag and drop. It also allows easy exporting of Purchase Orders (per Supplier) to easily import into their system saving time and eliminating possible error during recapture.

Optionally, it also has the ability to integrate with Pastel® Evolution™ via a mutually exclusive system called Reflow™ provided by FlowGear™ (or any specialist vendor can integrate directly into the MSSQL database)

Price Matrix

It uses a price matrix and product Type/Range selection trigger system that allows importing cross-tab price sheets from Excel™ for Width/Drop calculations and Variant Options management (such as Cleat Colour, Cut Out, Valance etc.) for Suppliers not yet utilising the BlindIQ system.


Reporting and graphing available for Customers, Top 20, Product and Daily Sales, Work in Progress, Rep Commissions, and much more?/p>


Currently, it does not provide an e-commerce end-customer front-end solution yet ?this is earmarked for a possible future version.
However, optional development and integration thereof can be commissioned privately according to your own specification.


Evaluation: Free 30-day Trial Period (License transferable to Full)

License Fee: R40, 000.00 once-off (includes full onsite installation)

Upgrade Subscription: R12, 000.00 annually